Why Plant a New Church?

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You may be asking why plant a new church? Aren’t there enough churches already? Statistics show the most effective way to reach the un-churched is through new church plants, which is clearly a part of scripture and God’s heart. Here are some things that you might not have known about the mission of the local church in the United States:

195 million Americans are un-churched
The U.S. is the 3rd largest un-churched nation
Only 15% of American churches reproduce themselves
80-85% of ALL churches in America are plateaued or declining
Of the 15% of churches that are growing,
14% are growing as a result of transfer 
rather than conversion growth
3,500 churches in America close their doors every year
North America is now the only continent 
in which Christianity is not growing
As we see these staggering numbers our main question moved from “why plant a new church?” to why NOT plant a new church?” If you walked up to a couple of people struggling to pull a person out of a pool that was drowning, would you just watch them or walk by and think you don’t need to jump in because there are already two people helping? I imagine you would jump in and do everything you could to help keep the person from drowning! At The Exchange we believe this picture is much like what is happening with the mission of the local church in the world. We see tons of people around us drowning without the hope of life in Christ, and we are simply aiming to jump in and do all we can to help. We would love to have you partner with The Exchange to help us through God’s power make a dent in the staggering numbers you just read, please check out our website www.TheExchange.cc 

All statistics from Planting Growing Churches in the 21st century 
and from the Center of Church Planting at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. 

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January 11, 2012

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