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This December The Exchange is partnering with one of our global mission partners the For All Mankind Movement. FAMM is committed to taking the hope of Jesus to thousands of men and women trapped in labor camps in the Middle East. These workers represent numerous nations where Jesus is not known, but through FAMM the message of Jesus is not only spreading throughout these camps but it is being carried back to people in unreached parts of the world. The primary tool FAMM uses is a Compassion Kit filled with self-hygiene items and other items to help meet the needs of those in the labor camps. The kits are presented at a story group where members of FAMM have the chance to teach the truth of God’s Word to men and women from all over the world. 
Each kit cost $25 to pack, and The Exchange has set a goal of 75 kits this December, which would help plant at least one house church in the labor camps. You can give by credit or debit card online or give cash each Sunday at the Gathering.

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December 1, 2014

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