Reasons We Are & Are Not Planting

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Reason we ARE NOT planting…

1. Because we think it will be easy, comfortable, & the cool thing to do
We fully believe this is and will be the biggest faith test of our lives but we believe God is faithful. 
2. Because we are mad at people or the place where we are
We believe Pinelake is an incredible church that is doing a great job reaching the communities where they have local bodies planted. They have been incredibly supportive of God’s leading in us and want this to be a healthy journey together. 
3. Because we have been done wrong
Many times churches are planted because someone has been done wrong, and they think creating their own church is the only way to heal that hurt or make things better.
4. Because we hate the church
We believe God created the church and has an incredible plan for it. We believe church is an essential part of the life of a believer and is an avenue for people to discover the love of God.
5. Because we believe we can do church better than anybody else
We do not believe for a second that we have all of the answers and can pull this thing off on our own. We welcome Godly counsel and wisdom from other churches and leaders. We want to partner with other churches to be the full expression of the “big C” Church rather than to be the best little c church. 
Reasons we ARE planting…

1. Because we believe people in the city of Pearl need the love and hope of Jesus
We believe church planting is the number one way to reach lost people, and we believe God has given us His message of love and hope to take to the city of Pearl. 
2. Because we are convinced that God purposed the local church to help convey the message that God wants to reconcile the world to Himself
As 2 Corinthians 5 states we are ambassadors to help God reconcile the world to Himself. We do not take this charge to be Christ’s ambassadors or representatives lightly and want to be found obedient in sharing His truth with the lost and hopeless. 
3. Because we believe the love of God through the church can help a city get a clearer picture of who God is
We think that when the church is really being the Church that not only are people attracted and moved by it but that they can see Jesus in it and meet Him through it.
4. Because we believe spiritual community is a must in the growth of every believer
We believe God designed us to feed off of and encourage one another in the faith, and we think church is a God-ordanined way to do that.
5. Because we have been called and we desire more than anything to be obedient
There is no one who can dispute God’s calling on your life and if He has called you, you better be obedient!

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August 15, 2011

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