Reading Plan + LIFE Journal

This reading plan is designed to encourage you to consistently spend time in Scripture so it becomes a life-giving habit in your life.

This reading plan will take you through the entire New Testament in one year by reading one chapter 5 days a week.

Here’s how to get the most out of your Bible reading. First, find today’s reading. Second, read God’s word prayerfully, asking God to encourage, correct, and guide you. Third, use the S.O.A.P. acrostic to write in your LIFE journal what God teaches you.

S = Scripture – Write out the Bible verse(s) that stood out to you most. Consider committing this to memory.

O = Observation  – Write down what you learned from the verse(s), or any questions you may have. What stood out to you? What is something you may not have noticed before?

A = Application – Write down some ways you need to change to become more like Jesus. Is there a specific action you need to take, or a confession you need to make?

P = Prayer – Write down a prayer asking God to help you live out what you’ve learned.

How do I join the plan?

You can get weekly reminders about the reading plan through text by texting “BIBLE” to 601-397-6111. You can also get reminders through email by clicking here.

And you can pick up a LIFE Journal on Sunday mornings.