Highlights from the 1st Interest Meeting

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Sunday night was the 1st public interest meeting for The Exchange. Anyone was welcome to come and hear more about what God is doing through this new church in Pearl. We were so excited to see 47 people take part in the meeting at the Pearl Community Room that God so graciously provided! At the meeting we spent time hanging out over some hot chocolate and coffee, worshipping, praying for the city, discussing our different views of the Church, talking through the mission and vision of The Exchange, and breaking open God’s Word.

Some key things we heard at the meeting:
– We all have many different views of church but God is calling us to be a new expression of church in this city to reach people
– The #1 way to reach people far from God is through launching new churches, and our #1 priority is to reach people far from God
– 3,500 churches in America close their doors every year, so our question shouldn’t be “Why plant a new church?” but “Why not plant a new church?”
– 1/4th of the city of Pearl is under the age of 18, so we want to be intentional about investing in the next generation through the schools
– An estimated 70% of the over 25,000 people in the growing city of Pearl are unchurched. However, we asked the question: How many more people are not walking in a daily life-giving relationship with Jesus?
– 2 Corinthians 5:14 (part of the foundational passage for The Exchange) tells us that Jesus loves us with an overwhelming, unconditional love that compels or motivates us to serve others, tell others what Jesus can do for them, and celebrate changed lives

God is doing some incredibly exciting things as He continues to put this team together to love and serve this city with His message of grace and love. Mark your calendars to be a part of the next interest meeting Sunday, February 19th at 6:00pm at the Community Room in Pearl.

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January 18, 2012

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