Easter Weekend 2017 – Mayor’s Easter Egg Hunt

We had a great weekend this Easter! Saturday morning we helped host the Mayor’s Easter Egg Hunt at Pearl City Park. A space jump, cotton candy, carnival games, and tattoos made for a fun morning.      

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Man Up Weekend


Man Up Weekend was such a great experience! We loved having all our men come together as brothers, sons, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. This weekend was a wonderful time for our men to build a community as they each strive to be the best man they can.

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Extraordinary Baptism Celebration

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What a morning! Celebrate with us for the 12 people who publicly declared their exchange of old life for new life in Christ! Jesus gives us life so we can be a piece in His extraordinary story.

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Doorholder Appreciation 2017


Our Doorholders had a great night celebrating their exchange of selfishness for serving! What a full night with a good dinner, photo booth, door prizes, and so much more! We love having the opportunity to thank our Doorholders for holding the door every Sunday so others may experience Jesus.

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thanksGIVING 2016


thanksGIVING is a time when we give back to the community around us. We boxed up complete thanksgiving meals for families in need and delivered them during our service time Sunday morning. Thanks to all those who blessed families in our area through our thanksGIVING experience Sunday by allowing our gratitude to affect our giving!

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Undefeated Baptism Celebration


Our first baptism of the day was the 100th baptism in the history of The Exchange. What an amazing time to celebrate 10 people who publicly declared their exchange of old life for new life in Christ! Jesus’ blood makes a way for us to be UNDEFEATED and victorious.

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Trunk or Treat 2016


What a great turn out this year at the 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat hosted by the Pearl Police Department Women’s Auxiliary.  Our LIFEgroups did an amazing job putting together unique tents and games for the kids. Check out these pictures. . .  

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Generosity Sunday Recap

Sunday, October 2 was a special day of celebration, generosity, and family. During our Sunday gatherings we celebrated God’s faithfulness to our house over the last 4 plus years. Then we responded collectively through our generosity to God by giving above and beyond to tell God we trust Him with everything. Finally, we concluded the day with a Family Lunch at the Pearl Community Room where there was an overflow of food, fun, and family. Below are some pictures from the day.  

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New Series–One


When we think of church, we think of many different things – different expressions, different denominations, different people, different styles. Past personal experiences, family upbringing, and culture can shape our view of the meaning of church. However, scripture says that God designed the Church around just a few important building blocks. During this series, we will examine the foundations essential for His Church to exist and thrive. We will look at the power of having ONE story with ONE common mission as ONE unified family and just what God can do through the power of His Church living as ONE.

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