12 Days of Prayer

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As The Exchange prepares to launch weekly worship gatherings Sunday, August 12th, we ask that you would “exchange your words” by praying along with us daily for God to do an incredible work of life change that would make His name famous in the city of Pearl and the surrounding area.
Wednesday, August 1st
Pray and thank God for His faithfulness to The Exchange over the past year. Praise Him for being a good and gracious God whose promises never fail.
Thursday, August 2nd
Pray for salvation and stories of life change to happen as God uses The Exchange in the coming weeks, months, and years.
Friday, August 3rd
Pray for the Family Day event taking place tomorrow. Pray that God would provide good weather and send many people to hear about what God is doing through The Exchange.
Saturday, August 4th
Pray for wisdom for The Exchange’s leadership team as they try to listen to God, walk in faith, and lead the body.
Sunday, August 5th
Pray for the other Christ-centered churches in the city that God would create an incredible Kingdom partnership to carry out
His mission.
Monday, August 6th
Pray for broken marriages in the city that God would bring healing and unity. Pray that God would use The Exchange to teach God’s intentions for marriage.
Tuesday, August 7th
Pray for Pearl schools today as students start back. Pray that God would use The Exchange to love and serve the schools and make an impact on the next generation.
Wednesday, August 8th
Pray for financial provision. Pray that God would raise up obedient believers to financially support God’s work through The Exchange.
Thursday, August 9th
Pray for the city government. Pray that The Exchange would love and serve the city leaders and gain favor in the city.
Friday, August 10th
Pray that The Exchange would be a place that raises up believers who disciple others. Pray that people would not just hear the Word but be passionate about sharing it.
Saturday, August 11th
Pray for all those who will serve tomorrow at The Exchange. Pray that they would serve with love and grace as they open the door for people to hear about Jesus. 
Sunday, August 12th
Pray for the launch of weekly worship gatherings today. Pray that truth would be taught, God would be worshipped and honored, and lives would be changed.

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August 1, 2012

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